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Different Types of Seamless Gutters Material

Gutters are an important part of your roof. They protect the exterior and prevent soil erosion by your foundation when installed correctly. We recommend choosing and installing high-quality gutters from the different types of seamless gutters available.

If you are confused about which material to choose– Epic Exteriors Roofing can help! We have a variety of gutters available which are suitable for your home’s exterior and budget. With our affordable rates, the stress of monetary cost is subdued.

What are the different types of Gutters materials available?

There are four main types of gutter material available in the market, providing you with plenty of options. The two most common materials used for gutters include steel and PVC, each having its benefits and aesthetics.

    Zinc Gutters

    Zinc is a natural, sustainable metal that can be left untreated or painted. It has the added benefit of being rust-free and free from harmful chemicals like lead paint.

    Aluminum Gutters

    Aluminum gutters are a good option for industrial and commercial premises in particular. They are corrosion-resistant, lightweight, and can be purchased in several different styles and colors. It is a popular choice among homeowners, too.

    Copper Gutters

    Copper gutters can be a little expensive due to their material. However, regarding the value of money, they have significantly better performance levels than some other materials. They are solid and durable.

    Galvalume Gutters

    Galvalume shutters are steel gutters with an additional coating of aluminum and zinc. This additional coating ensures that materials remain durable long-term and have high levels of corrosion resistance.

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