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The Perks Of Faux Copper Gutters: Low Maintenance, High Style

Posted on February 2, 2023

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The Perks Of Faux Copper Gutters: Low Maintenance, High Style

Faux copper gutters give your home the same luxurious and elegant appeal as natural copper, but with plenty more impressive benefits! This creative approach is an everlasting trend in the home improvement industry, and everyone admires it, including homeowners, designers, and contractors.

If you want to know how this new addition can help upgrade your home, we’re here with all the details. At Epic Exteriors Roofing, we’ve been helping homeowners make more informed decisions for their exterior renovation projects. 

In this blog, we’ve explained how faux or imitation copper gutters can boost your home’s curb appeal and increase its value. We’ve also discussed different methods to create this look, so you can pick the most feasible option for your home.

So let’s start with some background information on these gutters!

What Are Faux Copper Gutters?

Faux Copper Gutters
Faux Copper Gutters

These are artificial rain gutters that look like copper gutters. They are made using different materials, such as aluminum, steel, or PVC, and then they are painted with either copper-colored paint, or coated with a thin layer of copper metal. This is an excellent alternative to traditional copper gutters because it provides numerous benefits without the expensive price tag. 

Most copper-style gutters are made using seamless gutter panels. Seamless gutters are made out of one sheet of metal that is molded to fit the specific measurements of a home.  This means that this gutter system has no joints, which creates a smooth and leakproof surface, perfect to form a timeless copper look. 

On the other hand, traditional sectional gutters don’t have an appealing profile. The joints on the panels are prone to leaks, and they don’t complement the graceful look of copper metal. Due to their weak, outdated profile, sectional gutters also require much more maintenance to keep them in good condition, which isn’t preferred by homeowners who want an easy solution.

Let’s understand how these seamless, faux copper gutters can reap remarkable benefits for you.

How Imitation Copper Gutters Help Improve Your Home

Home improvement projects are often a balance between form and function. While you want to enhance your home’s ambiance, you also want to make a practical decision that will benefit you in every way. That’s where the seamless copper-color panels come in!

Low-Maintenance & Peace Of Mind

Maintaining the appearance and functionality of your gutters can be a hassle, but this isn’t the case when you have seamless gutters made of sturdy metals. Aluminum and steel are the two most common metals used to create a copper finish, and these alternatives can be much more affordable for many homeowners. 

  • Unlike traditional copper, which is soft and prone to developing dents and dings, fabricated copper gutters are specially designed to withstand the elements while maintaining their beautiful appeal without much work.
  • As for other materials, wood is prone to decay, and vinyl may not last more than a decade. Luckily, with steel or aluminum replicas, the above drawbacks are eliminated. 

Whether it’s a busy schedule or a desire to invest smartly, these low-maintenance gutters take the burden off you and provide peace of mind.

Stylish Look That Won’t Fade Easily

Faux copper gutters not only require low levels of maintenance, but they also bring a touch of style and elegance to your home. With its beautiful, coppery hue, this gutter upgrade is a statement piece that suits almost every kind of home exterior design.

  • Whether you have a traditional wood shake roof or a bold siding color, copper color gutters add a touch of sophistication that will make your home stand out from the rest. 
  • This warm, shiny color can match a variety of different architectural details, making it easy to find the perfect fit for your home. For example, it can go perfectly well with large windows and trims, Victorian-style roofs, or a Cape Cod-style house. 
  • You can also invest in additional upgrades, such as having the windows and shutters painted black, brown, or shades of sandstone. These colors complement a copper finish exceptionally well.

If you’re willing to sell or rent out your house in the future, this well-thought-out makeover will attract more prospects, making the whole process quicker and smoother. 

Cost-Effective Solution

Seamless artificial copper gutters are quite economical for homeowners who want the look of copper without the hefty price tag. Original copper gutters usually cost four times much as aluminum steel ones do. On top of that, you might have to spend more on fixing any dents or aesthetic issues that may develop over time.

With fabricated copper gutters, you can achieve the same stylish look without breaking the bank. Additionally, you can save more money in the long run, as you won’t have to spend much on repairs or replacements. On average, seamless faux copper gutters cost around $3-$8 per linear foot after installation. 

Also, note that the final price will depend on several factors, such as:

  • Gutter and downspout material,
  • Length and breadth of the gutters,
  • Style or profile of the gutter panels,
  • The method you choose to create the copper look; and,
  • Quality and experience of your gutter contractor,

You can learn more about the costs of seamless gutters in our previous blog. Overall, the smooth faux copper look offers great value for homeowners who want style, durability, and cost-effectiveness all in one package. 

Now, let’s learn about the different materials and methods used to form these gutters to find out which one is more suitable for you to use with your exterior design.

Choose The Right Material And Method To Create This Style

You can achieve the copper look with your gutters by using different methods and materials, each with a different cost. Once you’ve compared all your options, you’ll be better able to make the choice that’s the best for your home and personal tastes. 

Common Gutter Materials That Form Faux Copper Gutters

When it comes to choosing gutter material, it is important to consider your local weather conditions to know how long the gutters will last. For homes in rainy, humid, or coastal regions, aluminum is an excellent choice as it is resistant to corrosion. This means that even with constant exposure to moisture and a salty atmosphere, your gutters will remain in good condition and maintain their beautiful copper appearance.

If you live in an area that experiences hail or dry weather, galvanized steel may be a better option. Steel is denser than aluminum, which means it is less prone to denting and oil canning. This can be especially important if you live in an area with frequent hailstorms or heat waves that could damage the surface of your gutters.

Two Methods Used To Give Gutters A Copper Finish

You can create the copper-like appearance in two ways: Using copper-colored paint or plating the gutter panels with a layer of natural copper. Painting is a simple and more affordable process that involves the gutter panels being spray-painted with copper-colored paint. This can be done before or after the gutter installation, but be careful not to ruin the adjacent parts of the home such as the siding when doing so. 

Copper plating, on the other hand, can only be completed before the installation. It involves applying a thin layer of natural copper to cover the outer surface of the aluminum or steel gutters. This process is called electroplating, which costs more than spray painting. You may also need to send an order in advance for copper-plated panels. 

Both methods provide a convincing copper look, but it’s always best to choose the one that works well for your budget and local weather conditions. Copper plating is the more durable and realistic option as it provides a real metal finish that can naturally age into a beautiful copper patina over time. Meanwhile, you may need to recoat copper-colored paint after a few years if it begins to wear out.

Summing Up

Faux copper gutters and downspouts are an excellent option for homeowners looking for low maintenance, high style, and durability. They offer all the benefits of real copper gutters, without the high cost and maintenance requirements. With a variety of materials and methods to choose from, you can customize these gutters to match your home’s style and provide the protection your home needs. Whether you live near the coast or in a tornado alley, faux copper gutters made out of aluminum are an excellent choice for years of worry-free protection.

The best way to start your project is by consulting a reliable gutter contractor. The experts can help you understand what gutter materials and methods are more suitable for your home and budget. If you live near the Jersey Shore, we can help you with your home improvement project.

Get A Free Consultation On Your Rain Gutter Project

At Epic Exteriors Roofing, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible solutions for their rain gutter needs. If you’re considering copper-style gutters for your home, our team of experts is here to help. With our knowledge and expertise, we can help you choose the right gutter system for your home, ensuring that you receive the protection you need, and the style you want.

Homeowners in Browns Mills, Toms River, and throughout the Jersey Shore trust us with their homes. If you want to install stylish seamless gutters that look like copper, or just need some guidance with your project, we’re here to help you get started. Reach out to us at (609)-342-9829. At Epic Exteriors Roofing, we help all homeowners with our free consultations and estimates so that you can plan your project without worrying about unexpected costs.

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