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We Are GAF’s Certified Weather Stopper® Contractor

Your roof is one of the most critical aspects of your home. It can make or break it, so don’t trust just any contractor for this job! Epic Exteriors Roofing has earned its Certified Weather Stopper® contractor status from GAF, which means we’ve got what it takes to give you top-quality service at an affordable price!

Why Choose GAF’s Certified Weather Stopper®?

The better question is, why would you want anything else? GAF’s Certified Weather Stopper Roofing Contractor Epic Exteriors Roofing is professional, well-trained, and has an excellent reputation in Toms River, NJ.


Our GAF factory-certified roofers at Epic Exteriors Roofing get ongoing training from their Pro Field Guides and must pass the relevant examinations to become GAF certified. This means we won't have to rely on guesswork while installing your roof, and we'll be able to fix any roofing issues you might have.


Since we have factory-certified status, our roofers can install roofs that are eligible for specials. That means you'll get your roof installation done exactly the way it should be and with a warranty included!

Professional Installation

Every roofing business wants its customers to be happy with the job they've done for them. You will be confident that the work done by Epic Exteriors Roofing will meet your expectations.

Educated on the Process

Our team understands how shingles are created by learning at the production sites and completing rigorous training to install and repair roofs. This gives us a thorough grasp of how shingles work, allowing us to become more skilled at roofing.

Superior Protection

The GAF Weather Stopper 3-Part Roof Protection System may be installed alongside the roof by expert roofers at Epic Exteriors Roofing. This provides you with unbeatable protection against frequent but preventable roofing issues.

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