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6 Signs You Need The Top-Rated Toms River Roofing Contractors

Posted on December 28, 2022

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6 Signs You Need The Top-Rated Toms River Roofing Contractors

Are you looking for Toms River roofing contractors? Then make sure you hire them after learning about some crucial roof problems yourself. This blog will help you describe your roofing problem more easily to contractors, and you will also better understand whether your roof needs an inspection, repair, or replacement service.

At Epic Exteriors Roofing, we are here to help you find out what’s wrong with your roof and gutters. Being a family-owned business, we share our knowledge with other homeowners so they can easily spot roof damage and decide which roofer in their town is experienced, knowledgeable, and reliable enough to work on their homes.

This article explains some common signs of roof damage that need urgent professional attention.

#1 Your Siding Or Gutters Have Black Streaks

If you see dark stains on your home’s siding or gutters, this means water has been running down these areas regularly. It may also be a sign of algae growth, especially if dark streaks are present on the underside of your gutters.

  • Such issues occur when there’s been an increase in the amount of water spilling out of your rain gutters.
  • Rainwater or melting snow leaks behind the gutters when the channels are sagging from the roof fascia board.
  • Rain gutters usually tend to sag and leak if either the gutter channels, fasteners, or fascia boards are damaged.
  • Water also slips behind the gutters when the roof’s drip edge is damaged, or worse– it is missing, or someone has installed the wrong product.

If you find such stains, consult a Toms River roofing company or gutter contractors immediately, and explain your problem. Otherwise, it won’t take long for moisture and algae to reach the foundation of your home, if it hasn’t already.

#2 You Have Missing Shingles

You cannot see every shingle on your roof when you’re standing on the ground. But if you notice missing shingles one day, it may be a sign that your roofing shingles have been compromised and damaged.

  • This happens when the shingles were already worn out, or they were not rated to handle wind speeds up to 110 mph.
  • The second reason why shingles come off the roof is due to not being nailed down properly. Poor installation can cause roof shingles to blow even in wind gusts of 35 mph.
  • If the shingles along the roof’s ridge are missing, this allows for rodents, birds, insects, and debris to infiltrate your attic easily.

If you spot a few missing shingles, it is best to take advantage of a free roof inspection offered by a licensed and reputed roofing contractor in Toms River, New Jersey.

Missing Shingles

#3 If Your Shingles Are Cracked Or Curled

Roofing shingles can become brittle when covered with snow and ice dams. With this occurring each year, the shingles eventually become cracked or curl, especially along their edges.

  • Cracked shingles allow water to seep through them, which you may not notice unless you inspect the attic thoroughly for dark stains, wet insulation, and other signs of damage.
  • Low-quality fiberglass shingles can crack and curl faster than well-made ones. If you live in a snow-prone area, there will be added weight on your shingles during winter storms and spring melt, which means you might need new shingles after a few years.

Damaged shingles pose a severe risk to your home because they’re a sign your shingles were poorly installed, have aged, or cannot withstand the weather. You will need to install new shingles, including ridge cap shingles. Toms River roofing contractors with residential roofing experience can easily tell you which type of roofing shingles will be best for your home.

#4 Damp Spots On Your Ceilings And Walls

Check for water stains around the corners of your ceiling and wall early in the morning. If you see one or two damp spots, this indicates that your sheathing and rafters have been compromised by moisture, and water has now entered your attic. Without intervention, this water is sure to affect your home’s interior or even foundation. In this situation, you’ll urgently want a few new boards or new decking material to replace the damaged ones.

If not prioritized, moisture will lead to mold growth in the attic and structural damage to your home. Molds thrive in moist environments, such as roofs, basements, and attics. If you notice these spots, it’s essential to take them seriously, since mold can cause respiratory problems for those who are allergic to its spores.

Select a local roofing company in Toms River, New Jersey, and schedule a complete attic and roof inspection as soon as possible.

Ceilings And Walls

#5 Your Energy Bills Are Unusually High

If you’ve been getting unusually high energy bills over the past few months, it could mean that your roof has multiple gaps, holes, or cracks.

  • These gaps let the outdoors affect your HVAC systems every second.
  • Energy bills also increase due to poor ventilation, improper insulation, and damaged soffit and fascia boards.
  • If your home is over 20 years old, you may have hot spots in your home while cooling costs rise throughout the year because of less efficient air circulation.
  • Drafts in skylights and vents can also cause high heating bills and may result in more wear and tear for these structures.

Under such situations, it is best to replace the damaged parts as soon as possible because broken shingles, flashing, and wood cannot be repaired. If you have a new home and have been facing similar problems, this means there’s something wrong with the rooftop HVAC unit or roof installation.

Quickly reach out to the best roofers in Toms River. Explain the problem in detail and ask if they can offer you a free inspection or estimate.

#6 Granules Are Collecting In Your Gutters Or Downspouts

If you see granules in your gutters and downspouts, it is high time you installed new shingles. The small black or brown shingle granules are usually made of fine minerals or rock particles, and when they fall off the shingle itself, it may mean your shingles are worn down.

  • If you see them in your gutter or downspout, it means that they have been removed from the roof because they have come loose or fallen off due to weather conditions such as high winds, heavy rainstorms, or snow accumulation on top of your roof structure.
  • These granules are used to protect the shingles from UV damage and algae growth.
  • Leading brands like GAF also offer high-quality copper-infused shingle granules.

These small particles can also get into other areas of your home, such as air ducts, vents, and more.

Gutters Or Downspouts

A Note From Our Roofing Expert

If you are looking for reliable roofing companies in Toms River, New Jersey, we can help you. Here’s some advice from our expert with more than 40 years of experience in the roofing industry.

“A roof is typically the second most crucial investment you’ll make in your home, with the first being the foundation. And as a matter of fact, it is also the most exposed part of your home that needs professional care if you want it to protect your home for decades without falling apart. 

New Jersey is a beautiful state, but sometimes, seasonal storms can cause more damage than expected. So if you want to avoid unnecessary expenses, you must always consult the top-rated roofing company in Toms River, NJ. It’s understood that people with no roofing license or a handful of experience cannot offer 100% safety. We’ve seen homeowners spending more on multiple roof repairs over the years instead of saving those funds.”

Discuss Your Roof Problems With The Highest-Rated Toms River Roofing Contractors!

Epic Exteriors Roofing is one of the most trustworthy and skilled roofing companies in town. We are GAF Weather Stopper Contractors, which means we install the most sturdy and durable roofing systems, best for Toms River homes.

Over the years, we’ve seen how storms, floods, and poor workmanship have affected roofs, gutters, and other parts of residential properties in New Jersey. As taught by our founder George Schiano, we feel it’s our duty to protect the people of our town by being amongst the safest and most honest Toms River Roofing Contractors.

Epic Exteriors Roofing offers a free consultation, roof inspection, and estimates to help our community without worrying about the cost. Contact us at, (609) 342-9829, and we will be happy to help you with your roof replacement and repair projects. We are the roofing company you can always trust.

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