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10 Reasons Why We Think GAF Shingles Are The Best Choice

Posted on September 21, 2022

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10 Reasons Why We Think GAF Shingles Are The Best Choice

Honest and knowledgeable roofing contractors will always suggest the safest and most durable materials for your roof. GAF, Owens Corning, and CertainTeed are some of the top names in the market. At Epic Exteriors Roofing, our experts recommend GAF shingles for New Jersey homeowners.

GAF is the oldest and most reliable brand in the US. The company has been inventing incredible construction materials since 1886, and they are releasing more evolved materials as technology advances.

If you are getting new asphalt shingles and comparing your options, this blog will help you learn all about GAF shingles and why we think GAF outshines other shingle brands.

10 Features That Make GAF Shingles Better Than Others

The growing popularity of GAF shingles is due to their wide variety of patterns and their high rate of strength and durability records. So when homeowners ask us: Are GAF shingles good? We tell them it’s the best choice they’ll make for their home. Here’s why:

GAF shingles

#1 They Have The Good Housekeeping Seal Of Approval

The GH Seal of Approval is an accreditation of quality and reliability, and almost 50 types of GAF shingles hold this seal. It’s tough to pass the authorization, so you know that the products have been tested and inspected at the highest level.

Good Housekeeping is known for its in-depth analysis, and GAF shingles pass all the industry’s most rigid wear and tear tests against the wind, water, and impact.

#2 Strongest Seal And Quickest Installation

Along with a variety of styles and color options, GAF shingles have been boosted with some of the best materials and technologies in the market. Their many patents allow them to be the sole manufacturer of some advanced shingle technologies.

StrikeZone™ Nailing Area

This is one of the patents of GAF shingle technologies. The StrikeZone shingles have a 600% larger nailing mark, making it 30% more accurate and quick for roofing contractors to install them. This is the widest shingle nailing area in the market today.

LayerLock™ Technology

It’s a striking feature that enables the mechanical fusion of overlapping shingles. GAF shingles come with Dura Grip™ Sealant, which pairs with the shingles without affecting the granule layer. Instead, it forms an asphalt bond that increases the strength and durability of shingles after they are combined.

#3 Best Solution To Get Rid of Blue-Green Algae

Half of the homes in the United States will end up fighting dark stains and algae over the years. Some homeowners use chemicals or water pressure to wash their roofs, which is not recommended for shingle roofs. Chemicals can harm the plants and grass around your home, and pressure washing strips off the mineral granules of the shingles.

That’s where GAF shingles win again. They have another patent– StainGuard Plus, the finest algae protection technology. These highly advanced capsules release the highest amount of micro copper granules. Copper granules have incredible algae-fighting properties, and the micro granules blend smoothly with shingle granules.

Unlike any other shingle brand, GAF’s Time-Release technology doesn’t let the shingles run out of copper granules for decades. In contrast, other brands can manage to keep it running for 10 years or so. To back this up, the StainGuards Plus Shingles come with a warranty of up to 25 years.

#4 They Have A Lifetime Warranty

Most varieties of GAF shingles have a lifetime warranty. Even if you plan to sell your home, you can easily transfer this warranty to the next owner. This is an excellent deal for your buyers as they will enjoy long-lasting warranties and added benefits of insurance claims.

#5 Class 4 Rating

GAF shingles are engineered with their trademark invention– SBS-modified asphalt shingles. They pass the toughest Class 4 impact test. Their Timberline ArmorShield II shingles are North America’s #1 selling shingle. They fit best for storm-prone locations like no other shingle in the industry. This range also qualifies for an insurance discount and comes with color lock technology to remain new and beautiful for decades!

#6 They Have A Class A Fire Rating

GAF’s Advanced Protection Shingles have a Class A Fire Rating. This means that the shingles have passed all the tests and are qualified to meet national standards for fire resistance. That may not sound like a big deal, but it can be a lifesaver if you have cables and wires that can fail during rain or storms, leading to fire or electrical shocks. In fact, this level of fire protection is required by many local building codes (especially in hot and fire-prone regions). Plus, many insurance companies offer discounts on homeowners’ policies for high-quality roofing systems with Class A ratings.

#7 Affordable Shingle Ranges

When you invest in a roof, it’s essential to make sure that you get the most out of your investment. GAF’s price is also one of the biggest distinctions. They offer a range of affordable shingles that can give you years of protection and peace of mind. You can have highly appealing and sturdy shingles on your home without spending a fortune, so your new roof will be as unique as you want it to be!

#8 GAF Is Energy Star Rated

We’ve been getting one common question from homeowners: Are GAF shingles Energy Star rated? The answer is a big yes. If you look at the specifications of their Timberline Solar™ range, you’d say this is the solar roof worth having. It’s a fully waterproof, clean energy roofing system rated by Energy Star. Most homeowners look for ways to reduce their energy bills in scorching summers, and solar roofing is the best option.

#9 GAF Shingles Qualify Tax Credit

All energy star-rated shingles from GAF qualify for the Federal Tax Credit. This is another impressive feature of the brand. On the contrary, many other brands, including Atlas, have no shingle line which qualifies for a tax credit. CertainTeed Solaris shingles do qualify for the credit, but they cost more.

#10 Durability

How long do GAF shingles last? This question sums up every other benefit of having GAF shingles. They can last up to 3 decades with proper installation and maintenance. GAF’s Golden Pledge is the highest level of warranty you can get. It covered 100% of installation and material issues for 30 years! GAF’s Royal Sovereign and more shingles pass the highest durability test, and they are the fastest-selling shingles these days.

A Note From The Experts

Make sure you choose a GAF Certified Weather Stopper contractor for installation. Otherwise, faulty installation can ruin the way your roof functions, reducing its lifespan. Improper handling and installation of shingles can also void their warranties and reject your insurance claims.

We Can Help You Install GAF Shingles

Epic Exteriors Roofing is proud to be a GAF Certified Weather Stopper Contractor in New Jersey. We have trusted this brand after carefully studying its technology, achievements, and homeowners’ reviews. If you want to install GAF shingles on your home, we are qualified to help you get every benefit of the brand.

We are a family-owned business that has been serving Toms River and the surrounding areas for years! In addition to providing competitive pricing and maximum satisfaction, we have been growing in our community. Our roofing professionals are constantly appreciated for delivering peace of mind to all our clients.

If you want to discuss more GAF shingles or need help with installation, contact us at (609) 342-9829. We are dedicated to helping homeowners by offering free consultations, and our experts will be excited to build the best roof for your home!

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