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7 Benefits of Roof Underlayment

Posted on June 22, 2022

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7 Benefits of Roof Underlayment

Are you looking to install a new roof on your New Jersey home? If yes, then you are likely to spend your time browsing various parts of a roof. You should also learn about the less talked about parts such as the roof underlayments. Whether considering roof repairs or a complete replacement, you’ve probably heard the term “roofing underlayment.” This material acts as an extra layer of protection between the structural sheathing and shingles. It also helps protect your roof from many common issues that can result in costly damage. In this blog, we will list some benefits of underlayments that make them one of the most important roof components in a roofing system.

Roof Underlayment: The Unacclaimed Hero Of Your Roof

Roof underlayment is a layer of material that goes between the roof sheathing and the roofing materials. It helps to prevent moisture from getting into the home, and it helps to keep the sheathing (also called as roof deck) from degrading. The roof deck is the first layer after the rafters are installed. It is the plywood or wood paneling that covers your home’s framing. Roof underlayment is used to cover the deck in a uniform manner.

Since these are placed below your roof deck, they are not visible to you and thus tend to get neglected. But this should not be done as it plays a crucial part in protecting your roof.

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Benefits Of Roof Underlayment

When you decide to change your roof or install a new one altogether, then you must pay attention to not only the roofing material but also the underlayment as well. This is because of the following reasons.

Roof Underlayment Can Help Prevent Weather Damage

Roof underlayment is a great way to help prevent weather damage to your roof. The number one cause of roof replacements is weather damage, and if you want to save money on your insurance premiums and the labor costs of a roof replacement, it’s important that you look at how you can protect the roof from those elements. Underlayment will do just that! It will help protect your roof structure if your shingles blow off or get damaged. They act as superb covers.

Additional Protection Of Your Home

One of the main benefits of underlayment is that it helps prevent leaks in your home by acting as an additional layer between your shingles and the sheathing underneath them. This also prevents ice dams from forming around any vents or chimneys because water won’t be able to get into these areas without passing through this extra layer first. So for effective protection, underlayment is necessary.

Prevents Your Roof Deck

Asphalt and fiberglass shingles are susceptible to water damage. Water that seeps into the gap between the shingles or beneath them will eventually cause rotting that could lead to leaks or holes in your roof. Roof underlayment helps prevent this from happening by sealing up any spaces between the decking and fascia boards so that no moisture can seep through. Thus your roof deck stays protected from harsh weather conditions.

Extends The Lifespan

No one likes to frequently replace or repair their roofing systems. If you have a good quality underlayment installed, then you will effectively remove this problem. Roof underlayment can extend the lifespan of your roof by preventing water damage, ice damming, ice damage, and shingle damage. If your underlayment is not up to the mark, then your roof automatically becomes more vulnerable.

Energy Saving Abilities

Another reason why roof underlayment is important is that they promote energy savings. When your shingles get damaged, it can hurt your insulation. But if you have an underlayment, it will make sure that air does not enter. This helps to maintain insulation and makes your home energy efficient as the inner temperature is not compromised.

Also, it helps reflect heat away from your home. Some roof underlayments can help reflect heat and UV rays too, which means lower energy bills! It reflects heat back into the house instead of allowing it to escape through the cracks between shingles or tiles.

Calms Your Mind

Roof underlayment can help you increase the peace of mind you get from knowing that your roof is protected and you would not have to worry about replacing or repairing it often.

In addition, a good underlayment will keep the elements out of your home while also reducing noise levels. This means that your family can enjoy their time inside regardless of the weather outside.

Provides Protection During Installation

A roofing underlayment helps to protect your roof while the roof is being installed. The underlayment protects the roof, allowing the installer to work more easily and quickly while also preventing damage to the structure. Also, you can rest easy knowing that your interiors will not be affected if bad weather conditions occur.

Types Of Underlayments That You Can Use For Your Roofs

If you decide to select the underlayment, you will realize that there is more than one type available. To make an informed decision, you need to know a bit about all these types.

Three types of underlayments are as follows.

Felt Underlayment

Also referred to as asphalt-saturated felt underlayment, this type used to be the most common underlayment but has now been replaced by its synthetic counterparts. However, they are still present on many roofs. Asphalt is used as a water-proofing agent in the felt paper.

Asphalt saturated felt underlayment usually comes in 15 or 30-pound variants and is also more affordable than many other options on the market today.

This makes it an attractive choice for homeowners looking to save some money while still ensuring that their roofs will last for years to come. However, it is more susceptible to damage through tears.

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Synthetic Roofing Underlayment

Synthetic underlayment is a newer option that’s made from recycled materials such as plastic bottles or recycled tires. Synthetic underlayment is typically made from polypropylene or polyester fabrics coated with asphalt adhesive and attached to a base fabric.

Due to the presence of plastic, these possess a great ability to resist cracking and tearing.

The material is light in weight due to its low density, which makes it easier to install. It is also less likely to tear or puncture than other types of underlayments. However, these underlayments are also more expensive than felt.

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Roof underlayment is an essential component for any roof, whether it’s a new build or a reroofing project. It can help prevent weather damage, extend the lifespan of the roof, and act as an air barrier. So while you may not know much about underlayments now, we hope you understand why they’re important to have on your roof!

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